DC/USB Power Bank

Power bank with DC output

A power bank with higher capacity can also charge your notebook or operate devices

Charge your notebook and latop

We offer you some power banks with DC output, which provide voltages of 9V to 24V depending on the model. The output voltage of 16V, 19V und 20V are intended for today’s laptops in particular. Some devices do use 24V, which we can provide as well. Please check the following points so that you can get optimal usage from the Powerbank:

  • What voltage is required? This is normally indicated as output voltage on the power unit.
  • Which power is needed? This information can also be found on the power unit. If only voltage and current are indicated, then multiply these values together.
  • Which device connection is needed? A few adaptors are included with delivery of the Powerbank, others can be additionally purchased. You can only connect the powerbank with your device if a suitable adaptor is available.

More flexibility with the DC Powerbank

XTPower Powerbanks offer sufficient flexibility for many devices like e.g. camping equipment, electrical instruments, systems and amplifiers and much more.

The Powerbank for MacBooks

XTPower offers several Powerbanks, which are suitable for used with an Apple MacBook. Nothing else should stand in your way as you can also get a suitable charging cable from us.

More information on our Powerbanks with DC output:

  • Optimal use of Powerbanks with DC output
  • What energy is available to me via the power bank?
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