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Can I also use this power bank as a buffer, i.e. connect the power bank to the power supply and then connect the laptop to the power bank?

Yes, that works just fine. You have to of course bear in mind that primarily the operation of the notebook is supported and the battery or power bank are only charged when capacity is there. This means I can do without the laptop’s charger. Please ensure that the voltage is correctly adjusted in the power bank.

Solar Power Banks

Can I charge these power banks solely via the solar panel?

This is highly dependent on usage, but in most cases would clearly take too long as the solar panels this size only supply a relatively small amount of electricity. However, this can certainly contribute to the extension of the service life and so provide decisive energy in many cases. The performance of the solar panels is indicated in the descriptions, so you can even make a calculation yourself here. More about this in our technical section.

The basis of power banks

The power bank disconnects the power supply immediately or after only a short amount of time, what can be the reason for this?

There are two different scenarios, assuming that the power bank is charged.

The discharge current via the connected device can be too high for the selected output. An internal safety function in the power bank then interrupts the electric circuit. In this case, however, the power bank and device are not compatible.

The discharge current of the connected device can however also be too small. Then the power bank switches itself off after a short period of time as it does not detect active users. This threshold, under which the power bank switches itself off, is typically in the range of 1/10 to 1/20 of the indicated capacity and can be found in the corresponding user manual. (These will be updated in the next few days)

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