Manuals for XTPower Power Bank & Solar Devices

A handbook on many products by XTPower is available in PDF format for downloading.

This is how it works:

  • Open the product page:
    By entering the item number or the product name in the search box below on this page.
    You can also select the product via the menu.
  • Choose the right product:
    If you have got several products using the search function then please open the product you are looking for.
  • Display link to instructions:
    - You will now find individual tabs underneath the product images. These can vary from product to product.
    - Open the contents of the tab "Anleitung" by clicking on the tab.
    - If the tab is not available "Anleitung", then there are on instructions available for download.
  • Download the instructions:
    By clicking on the instructions you can now download the document onto your computer.
  • Adobe Reader:
    Please beware that you need the Adobe PDF Reader to open the instructions.