Solar Panel

Solar Panel - The mobile charger for sunlight

Solar panel for charging your mobile devices with solar energy

Solar panel with high performance
Solar panels available on the market differ in their design, their performance, the solar technology used and therefore their effectiveness.

All solar panels by XTPower use mono-crystalline solar cells and thus achieve an efficiency of up to 22%. This indicates how well the solar energy is converted into charging capacity.

Construction and installation of the solar panel

The design of the mobile solar panel are fundamentally different with regard to rigid and foldable models. The rigid models are generally smaller and the dimensions of the solar panel are as big as the transport dimensions of the entire unit. The collapsible models can be folded up into small transport dimensions while stiff offering a large solar surface.

The large the solar panel, the more energy can be expected from the sunlight, if the efficiency of the solar panels is comparable.

Solar panels and their charging capacity

In solar panels we distinguish between one or two USB outputs which provide a solar power capacity of 4 watts to 36 watts depending on the model and solar panels with a DC output specifically for higher voltages.

We can influence alot of things, but unfortunately the weather isn?t one of them. How a solar panel performs is strongly dependent on external factors. These include:
  • The greater the distance from the equator, the lower the charging capacity.
  • The solar panel provides more energy in the midday sun.
  • If the sky is cloudy, you will only receive very low power.
  • If you set up the solar panel behind a pane of glass it will not work.
  • Hold or attach the solar panel at a 90° angle to the incoming sunlight for the best performance.

We hope you enjoy using our solar panels.

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