XT-20000QC3-PA2-AO Power Bank - 5V USB and DC 12V to 24V - no auto-power off - with power supply - black

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Looking for a rechargeable battery for continuous operation of small and medium sized devices with a voltage of 12-24V and a load of 0.1 to 50 watts? Then choose the power bank XT-20000QC3-AO

Special model "without automatic shutdown"

Same as the standard model XT-20000QC3, this powerbank brings along all the good features of this battery solution. On customer request, however, we supplement our range with a variant without automatic shutdown. What does that mean?

Many power banks turn off the DC output (circular plug) when a mobile device is fully charged. Most of the time this shutdown is at a load below 4-5 watts. Our models XT-16000QC3 and XT-20000QC3 also have this automatic shutdown. In the special model sold here, this shutdown was disabled. Thus, you can also power small devices, LED lights, devices with standby mode and many other applications.

*Note: We would like to point out that you must switch off the powerbank when it is no longer needed in order to avoid deep discharge during storage. However, to protect against unnecessary discharge, the powerbank will automatically turn off after about 8 hours if no current above 150mA has been drawn over this time.

Of course, the XT-20000QC3-AO has the outstanding features of the standard model:

At just 2 cm thickness and 0.45 kilograms this simple and timeless designed Power Bank combines all the features you can expect from a high-quality power bank. It has a battery capacity of 20100 mAh and has three outputs, one of which are optimized for the laptop and two other USB compatible devices. One of the two USB outputs supports the Quick Charge Standard QC3 and thus allows up to 75% faster charging your QC3 compliant devices. The rugged, high-performance lithium-ion battery support an extended equipment life by high quality standards. Like all batteries offered by XTPower, the power bank XT-20000QC3-AO provides an overcharge protection, discharging and a short circuit protection.

Product details that will convince you:

  • Capacity: 20100 mAh (3.7V) / 73 Wh
  • Three outputs for USB (5V), USB QC3 (5, 9, 12V) and laptop (12V, 15V, 16.5V, 19V, 20V and 24V)
  • powerful lithium-ion battery
  • secured by overcharge protection, discharge protection and short circuit protection
  • including 8 different DC adapter, a 2m DC cable and a USB cable for flexible device connectivity
  • The continuous Operation* of devices on the DC output 12-24V up to 50 watts
  • The continuous operation of devices on the USB output from 0,5 watts 
  • Car charging adapter included

The battery with the special variety

The Power Bank is already very flexible in the charging function. You can charge your energy storage using either a USB power supply via the micro-USB por or the DC input with a power supply (13-20V). Charging with the 16V power adapter goes at up to 3 times faster compared to a USB charger.

During operation and charging of mobile devices this power bank is very versatile. Two USB ports can charge or operate phone, tablet, and many other devices. Even modern QC3 compliant devices can be loaded up to 75% faster at the corresponding output of the Power Bank as the conventional USB output. A circular socket and the included adapters make the Power Bank a specialist for devices with input voltages from 12V to 24V. The continuous load of 50 watts and 65 watts at maximum allows the operation and the charging function of many mobile devices, like laptops.

The legible digital display provides the necessary overview. The respective input or output power is shown in the digital display. Plus, you get information about the remaining capacity of the battery and the active outputs.

Please also note our tab "Specifications" for other important product information for this power bank.

The Power Bank XT-20000QC3-AO: simply universally

With this battery you always use the most suitable adapter for many mobile devices and for your laptop. If you have multiple mobile devices and want to enjoy this while on holiday, travel or business, this battery is the first choice!


  • Power Bank XT-20000QC3-AO
  • Power Adapter
  • Car Charging Adapter
  • DC cable for connecting to a laptop with 2m
  • Set of 8 adapters for laptop (sizes are listed in tab "Specification")
  • Micro-USB charging cable
  • Instructions

2Specifications for Power Bank XT 20000QC3-AO

Technology Lithium Iion 73 Wh
Capacity 20100 mAh / 3.7 V
Life expectancy ca. 500 charging cycles
Input DC Jack
Circular socket 5.5 x 2.1 mm
Charging 13-20 V max. 3A (approximately 30W)
Complete charge approx. 3 hours at 16V 1.8A from 0 to 100%
Input Micro USB
Socket Micro USB also QC3 compatible
Charging 5V max. 2.1A (approx. 10W) / QC3 3.8-12V max. 18W
Complete charge USB power adapter about 8-9 hours from 0 to 100% / QC3 power adapter 5 hours from 0 to 100%
Output DC Jack
Voltage 12V, 15V, 16.5V, 19V, 20V, 24V (50W continuous, 65W max.), with up to 4A
Function voltage selectable via pushbutton
Size DC Input/Output Jack 5.5 x 2.1mm
Output USB
USB 1 - QC 3.0 USB 5V 2.1A or QC3 3.8-12V max. 18W
USB 2 USB 5V 2.1A
Working temperature
Charging 0 - 45 ° C
Operation 0 - 45 ° C
Dimensions and weight
L x B x H 174 x 78 x 21.5 mm
Weight 450 g
Power adapter
Input 100-240V 50/60Hz
Output 16V / 2A
Connection to Power Bank 5.5 x 2.1 mm
Compatibility USB output
  • Device types: mobile phone, smartphone, tablet PC, camera, video camera, navigation devices, and much more.
  • Battery charging: Devices with a charging voltage of 5V at up to 2.1A charging current.
  • Charging QC 3.0: For compatible devices at between 5 and 12V, the Power Bank adjusts the charging voltage automatically.
  • Continuous operation: Devices with an operating voltage of 5V and a current consumption of 100mA to 2.1A
  • Basically, you can also always the original USB charging cable of your device.
  • For Apple devices, please use the original charging cable by Apple as there are no Lighning Adapters included.
Compatibility DC output
Important: Please check before purchase whether the DC adapter supplied or aditional adapters (in the shop at XTPower) fit the requirement of your Laptop or specific device.

For notebooks and notepads the following adapter are included:

Sony, Fujitsu, Panasonic - 6.0x4.25mm


IBM, Acer, Toshiba, Dell, Asus - 5.5x2.5mm


Asus, HP, NEC, Toshiba, BenQ - 5.5x2.1mm

E Acer, Toshiba, Sony - 5.5x1.7mm
F Samsung - 4.8x1.7mm
H Asus, HP, NEC, Delta, Compaq - 5.0x1.0mm
I Dell, HP - 7.4x5.0x0.6mm
K IBM, Lenovo, Sony - 7.9x5.4x0.9mm
Adapter Cable A connector for device adapters 5.5x2.1mm
B connector for Power Bank  5.5x2.1mm
You can find more adapter in our shop Accessories for the DC output.

Continuous operation of devices at the DC output 12 to 24V is possible from a power consumption of up to 50 watts. At a load below 150mA, a switch-off occurs after approx. 8 hours.
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