XTPower XT-600Wh Energy Storage with powerful 230V/50Hz 300W supply, DC 5-24V, USB-C PD, USB QC3, 12V and XT30 outputs

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XT-600Wh Energy Storage 230V, DC 5-24V, USB-C PD, USB QC3, 12V and XT30 outputs

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XTPower XT-600Wh Power Station

Energy storage with lithium-ion cells - AC supply with 230V 300W - additional outputs for 5-24V, 2x USB-C and 2x USB-A

Functionality and quality that convince

The LCD display provide you with all the important information so that you can keep the overview. The remaining capacity, charging power and discharging power as well as the active outputs and the selected voltage at the DC output are displayed as needed . The XT-600Wh energy storage device features high quality and automatic charging and discharging electronics supplemented with protection circuits for overload, short circuit and too low temperatures to safeguard your investment.

The high-quality lithium-ion cells ensure a long service life with at least 500 charge cycles. The XT-600Wh is also more portable than common heavy lead acid batteries. The powerful 600Wh energy storage unit weighs 4.2 kg with compact dimensions of 24.2 x 16 x 18.6 cm.

Charge the energy storage easily

The high performance battery and energy storage for leisure, hobby, travel and work. Charge the XT-600Wh quickly by AC adapter in about 10-11 hours or on the go by solar panels up to60 watts. We recommend our SP60 or SP100 solar panel, which is especially designed for mobile use. In addition, you can also charge the power station with a USB-C power adapter with up to 50 watts. Simultaneous charging via different inputs to shorten the charging time is possible.

The small generator for on the go

An this energy storage device, you can connect many devices directly, without adapters. The two outlets can power devices from 10 watts and up to 300 watts. . The two USB-C PD outputs with up to 60 watts support laptops and tablets as well as modern smartphones. Of course, two USB-A outputs with QC3 standard are also available. The multitude of connection options is complemented by two unregulated 12V and one XT30 output.

The output voltage at the DC1 output can be adjusted particularly flexibly in the steps of 5V, 9V, 12V, 13.8V, 15V, 16.5V, 19V, 20V and 24V. This allows many end devices to be connected directly to the power station without a power supply. For small end devices or devices with standby mode, the lock mode can be activated at the DC1 output. This prevents the output from switching off at low power levels. This is especially important for LED light chains and many other small consumers. The USB output also benefits from the deactivated shutdown and can thus be used for small devices, such as charging a smartwatch.

A brief summary of the technical data

  • Lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 592Wh / 160Ah (3.7V)
  • Output AC: 2x 230V 50Hz with up to 300 watts together (automatic shutdown <10 watts)
  • Output 2x USB-C: Supports Power Delivery (PD) with 5 - 20V / max. 60 Watt
  • Output 2x USB QC3: 3.8 - 12V each with max 18 watts
  • Output 1x DC round jack with 5V, 9V, 12V, 13.8V, 15V, 16.5V, 19V, 20V and 24V / max. 80 Watt
  • Output 2x DC round jack with 12V (9 - 12.6V / 5A unregulated)
  • Output 1x XT30 with 12V (9 - 12.6V / 10A unregulated)
  • Input power supply and solar panel: 14-20V max 60 watts (supplied power supply 15V/60Watt)
  • Input USB-C PD: 5-20V max 50 watts
  • Dimensions & Weight: 24.2 x 16 x 18.6 cm at only 4.2 kg
  • Suitable for various types of devices such as laptop, tablet, smartphone, cell phone, radio, LED lights and fairy lights, iPhone, iPod, iPad, MP-3 player, navigation, camera, drone, craft, DIY, etc.
  • For more detailed information, please refer to the technical specifications.

Application examples

  • Typical smartphones with 2-4Wh battery can be charged with this powerbank about 140-280x.
  • Charge tablets with 25-42Wh battery at least 13-20x.
  • Charge laptops with 50Wh battery about 10x.
  • Drone battery, e.g. DJI Mavic Pro 2 with approx. 60Wh, charge up to 8-9x.
  • Laptop with 40W about 10-13 hours of operation
  • Desktop computer 100W about 5 hours of Operation.
  • Television with 98-160 watts max. 3-5 hours hours of operation.
  • Beamer with 150-300 watts about 1.5 - 3 hours of operation.

Very portable

The weight of 4.2kg, which is nevertheless reasonable for the capacity, and the compact dimensions of 24.2 x 16 x 18.6 cm make this energy storage device an ideal companion for your leisure activities and also for professional use.


  • Powerstation XT-600Wh 
  • Power adapter
  • USB-C charging cable (PD capable)
  • USB-A to USB-C charging cable
  • DC connection cable 5.5x2.1mm
  • 8 plug adapters for the DC connection cable
  • CAR (male) to round plug
  • CAR (female) to round plug
  • Instruction

Manual XT-400Wh

Specifications for the Powerstation JES600WHA

Technology Lithium-ion with 592Wh
Capacity 160Ah / 3. 7V
Input power supply and solar panel
Round socket 5. 5& x 5.1 mm
Charge function 14 to 20V / max. 60 watts
Charge time with power supply 15.1V 4.3A / approx. 60W approx. 10-11 hours from 10 to 100%
Input USB-C
Connection USB-C PD 1
Charge function 5 to 20V / max. 50W
Charging time with compatible power adapter (not included) about 13 hours from 10 to 100%
When using "USB-C PD 2", the socket "USB-C PD 1" can not be used as input at the same time.
Output AC 230V power outlet
Power AC 230V 50Hz with 10W and up to 300W continuous power (500W peak power)
Function Connect for laptop, camera and many other devices up to the maximum allowable power. For devices with a high inrush current, we recommend a starting current limiter.
Important: automatic shutdown <10 watts
Output XT-30
Power 9 to 12.6V 10A / max. 120 watts - unregulated output
Function Connection of special devices with XT30 adapter (often used in modeling)
Output USB-C PD
USB-C PD 1 Compatible with Power Delivery, 5V-20V max. 60 watts
USB-C PD 2 Compatible with Power Delivery, 3.8-12V max. 18 watts
Feature Connect USB devices to charge and operate. Cell phone, smartphone, tablet, camera, speakers, etc.
Output USB QC3
USB QC3 1 + 2 2x USB 3.8-12V / max 18 watts
Function Connect USB devices and devices compatible with QC3 for charging and operating. Cell phone, smartphone, tablet, camera, speaker, etc.
Working temperature
Charging 0 to 50 °C
Operating -10 to 65 °C
Power supply included
Input 100-240V 2. 5A 50/60Hz
Output 15.1V 4.3A / approx. 60W
Connection to Powerbank 5. 5 x 2.1mm
Dimensions and Weight
L x W x H 24.2 x 16 x 18.6 cm
Weight 4. 2 kg
General operating information
  • When charging and operating your devices with the mobile power supply, please pay attention to the LCD capacity indicator. If you connect a deviceät with high power consumption (refrigerator), the available capacity may drop quickly and the full 600 Wh cannot be provided. For devices with low power consumption (e.g. LEDs, small laptops, small TVs), the battery is loaded less and is therefore able to provide more energy. You will then get a significantly longer operating time. Therefore, do not use the mobile power supply constantly at maximum power.
  • The optimal operating range of rechargeable batteries is in the range of 20-80%. Of course, the full 100% is available to them. However, we recommend in regular operation a use in the range of 20-80%.
  • All outputs run in continuous operation to be switched as long as the respective output group (AC or DC) is switched on. The power bank is therefore suitable for powering small consumers, such as USB lights as well as for charging small devices. Please note that this mode especially with active AC output (230V) zusäzlich energy consumed and the power station will discharge itself.