Power Station 230V AC

Powerstation with 230V AC output

In many cases you need more energy than this can be stored in small batteries. Sometimes it is also 230V to be provided.  

Power small household appliances, tools and many other devices directly.

Power station with 230 volt outputs are great for connecting household appliances and tools directly. This allows you to use your devices on the move and operate them with up to 2,000 watts, depending on the configuration of the power station. You can imagine this power station, like a mobile generator.

Suitable for small devices such as notebooks, smartphones, speakers. Also charging batteries for camera, drone and many other devices is no problem. With the portable power station they are well supplied even in places without power. Perfect as a power storage für camping, camper, car, home office, garden, fishing, craftsmen & co.

Additional outputs, such as USB-A, USB-C, USB QC3 as well as DC 9-24V are dependent on the device and please refer to the respective description.

Charging the power station via solar

Just for the mobile use of the power storage units, charging with solar energy is an important feature. Therefore, all of our power station ühave an input for solar panels. For most devices, you can also connect unregulated solar panels directly üvia Anderson / MC4.

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