Powerbank USB-C

Powerbank with USB-C output

Modern end devices such as smartphones, tablets and many laptops are now delivered with a USB-C charging function. With a USB-C Powerbank from XTPower they are of high quality and flexibly equipped and can charge and operate many of the new devices with only one Powerbank.

Charge your Smartphone, Tablet, Notebook and Laptop

Powerbanks with USB type C output offer the advantage that no specific output voltage has to be set. Our battery has a so-called Power Delivery (PD) compatible output, which further increases the compatibility of the Powerbanks with many devices.

If your end device also has a USB-C PD input, the Powerbank will automatically set itself to the optimal value for your device. This works with most current smartphones, tablets or laptops. Simply charge your devices with just one Powerbank.

More flexibility with USB Type-C PD compatible Powerbank

The XTPower Powerbanks offer sufficient flexibility for many devices, even if the original charger indicates a higher output power. The Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch is a good example. The original power supply offers an output power of 85 watts. For example, if the Powerbank itself can deliver 50 watts, it's still compatible with the MacBook. In general, it can be said that your end device adjusts to the power provided and works with it. The Powerbank and device communicate to give you the best charging performance.

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